posted on October 16, 2006 11:29 AM by Kurt

Kurt in Boston

Seems like there's not a lot of activity here - but I assure you there is..just not on the publish side.  I've gotten about 20 emails (and a related number of comments) from people who are running into problems with the SharePoint Forms Authentication.  Proves at least my setup isn't unusually bad ;)  In fact, my post on the "File Not Found" issue was translated into Japanese!

Right now I am outside of Boston (Waltham) getting training from Marty Waz from Microsoft in BizTalk Server 2k6.  Already both certified and a Virtual TS in BizTalk, but this is the code-until-you-drop-14-hour-a-day program that makes the VTS team worth its salt.  Hopefully will be able to blog a few lessons.

Speaking of blogging a few lessons, I have run into a number of SharePoint issues that I uncovered from our internal implementation and from our clients.  I'll be blogging them this week now that I have a "manageable" 14 hour a day schedule. *Gulps Coffee*  Hopefully I'll get a post out tonight - thinking SharePoint Forms Authentication and how it breaks MySites.